Friday, November 12, 2004


И още малко от нащо либим люзер дет щи на кажи на чичу милициуниер:

Yes I have them all filed here. I have today reported you to the
police for stealing from my credit card. your peoples tell me to
format my hard disk so i expects you to pay for fixing that as
well.... I still have the email from them to prove that so you are
in very serious trouble. And then you accuse me of scamming you!
Unbelievable! You have scammed me by not giving me the srrvice you
charged me for. You are a thief./

Бът уеит, деър из моооо


Please provide me with your order number and personal information
so I can verify your order. Thank you.

Best Regads,
Един колега ( няа го издавам )

Еи гу на и реплаия на оня селянин:

ou dont believe me?
just send my miney back to credit card

Не му каам името ( ама моа ви кажа маила (: )

Още от същия ( преди да почни да на порти на чичу милициунеиер )

Yes I have tried on another machine and get the same error. No other problems with the PC here, only when trying to sign up here. When you say to clear the cookies and cache, do you mean to format my hard disk? I ain't doing that just for your system my friend, there aint nuffink wrong wid my PC. It's somethink wrong up there at your end, I am going nuts with this all. I'll send you this email then format my hard disk. Could you please then help me load it all back up with the programs?

Са чаам само кулегата да ми намери баш простотята из логовете и ши видити за ко стаа на фъпрос.

I get that error whenever I enter anything into any fields. It's just hopeless, it's driving me nuts trying to get it to run and I just can't manage it. I've tried rebooting the printer but it makes no difference. I called the man what maintains my PC and he sez it's something wrong with the UBS ports on your machines. But I dont understand these big words. It's just driving me nuts all again.
Can you put new UBS ports inside your machines and see what happens coz its driving me nuts... nuts, nuts...

Засига толкуз чи тряа да пуработа малку и да поцъкотя куеик (:

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