Friday, November 12, 2004


Очакваите в следващия епизод:

No Sir, the matter is not closed because your technician told me in
email to format my hard disk.
That I did and now that PC is no good and the technician that looks
after it here tells me its gonna cost a huge amount to "rebuild" by
putting the programs back on. whose gonna pay for thta?
You are and ill see to that.

След като нашия любим суперваизър му изписа две килца обяснения:

I just revised the whole case and all I can say is the following:

1. We do not have any payment on your name in our system. We only have
payments on the name of Tina Tran and these payments have been checked
and are valid. We are not responsible for any billing-related issue
between you and us simply because there is not a single one of this
king. If you have a payment order or an invoice about such a
transaction, please send it to me so I could check it.

2. We do not know what is this technician who have told you that the
signup process has something to do with your printer or our PCs' USB
ports (which are fine but are not used for such purposes). My personal
opinion is that he was just kidding with you and telling you absolute

3. Out support technician has told you to clean your Internet
browser's cache and cookies. This does not mean in any way that you
hould format your hard disk. I do not know why you have decided this??
4. When you have asked whether a disk format would solve the problem,
the answer of our technician was positive and meant that if you
reinstall your system (when you speak about formatting, it is supposed
that you are perfectly aware of these oprations), the browser settings
would reset and there must not be any problem with signing up. This
has been just an advise and you were not forced to do anything of this
If you have proceeded with the disk formatting on your own, you should
have been perfectly aware of what you were doing and you are doing
this on your sole responsibility.

5. We do not have access to your computer in any way. You must keep
your own files and programs backed up, so we do not carry any
responsibility if something has been lost. If you were not aware of
what you were doing, you should contact a computer technician (a
Microsoft one, if your system was MS Windows) or at least a
computer-literate person to help you in the first place.

I would be happy to carry on this conversation in case you send us a
proof that we have billing relations and that we have gained access to
your computer in any way. Otherwise, the conversation is considered

I feel the urge to kill muself ама съфсем сириозну !
Саму между другуту тука долу копат за метро от година две сигур и сега петък вечер 11:20 копелетата не спират да копаят да им еба маиката тресе са сградата а къв шум дигат... ( питаите колегите че аз съм с слухалки и ни ма ебе ! )

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